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Adam’s Specialty Products was built on the idea of creating animal enclosures of unmatched quality and comfort.

Our goal has never been to build animal cages.

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide safe, durable, and comfortable homes for animals of any size, species, and behavior.


Adam’s Specialty Products

Adam’s Specialty Products, or ASP, is the parent company behind well-known brands like Custom Aquariums, Custom Cages, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services, and Vision Products.

Since our foundation in 1998, ASP and our brands have become industry leaders in bird, fish, and reptile housing.

Over 25 years of dedicated research, product innovation, and learning from our customers have made us some of the most trusted brands for animal enclosures.

We provided products and services to pet owners, zoo directors, animal researchers, and businesses looking for aquariums and aviaries.



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  • ASP Celebrates 25 Years in Business

    Adam’s Specialty Products celebrates leading the animal housing industry for 25 years. Learn more about the history of ASP.

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