ASP Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC BDA:,, Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Adam’s Specialty Products (ASP) – Parent company to,,, and – was created to solve problems in the animal housing industry. 25 years and 35 patents later, they’ve become the #1 custom pet enclosure manufacturer and service provider in the United States and sell their products worldwide.

Neenah, WI (Feb 8, 2023)

Success didn’t happen overnight for Adam’s Speciality Products, LLC. Instead, it’s a culmination of 25 years of devoted research, relentless product development, and above all, listening to the customers.

On February 2, 1998, CEO Adam Keller and his brother Rustin Keller founded Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC – DBA  What started in a college apartment basement turned into multiple national market-leading divisions, including,, and, which offers a diverse lineup of high-end brands of custom enclosures for birds, reptiles, fish, cats, dogs, and many other exotic species in addition to services. – in the internet’s infancy – was the first company to create several national brands of compelling modular enclosure systems for exotic animals that eventually grew very large.  Enclosures the size of a small room can securely house exotic pets and break down for easy shipping and transport. has now sold tens of thousands of custom build-to-order cages worldwide.

Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services was created to provide top-tier cleaning and maintenance services for fish tanks and bird aviaries to now over 2,000 accounts in 38 states and growing all across the USA.  These accounts are primarily in nursing homes and various offices, lobbies, mental health clinics, and others. was developed after years of researching and validating products to improve Serenity’s service experience.  This led to multiple industry-changing innovations with their aquarium and filter designs, resulting in numerous patents – over 35 and counting.  Custom Aquariums hand-builds hundreds of aquariums annually to order up to almost 2,000 gallons in their Neenah, WI facility and ship them worldwide.

Last but not least, Vision Products, an established reptile enclosure company, was acquired to continue ASP’s expansion. Vision Products continues to lead the reptile industry with its core products: breeding systems for reptiles and rodents and its famous one-piece-molded cages.  The cages are used in homes, pet stores, zoos, and museums worldwide.

Today, ASP has over 100 full-time and part-time employees and produces some of the most reputable products in the pet industry.  The company now runs over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its Neenah, WI, facility.  ASP has a robust in-house sales and management staff selling directly to consumers and works with several hundred pet stores and service resellers nationwide.

Over the years, various products have been featured on multiple television programs. Popular shows like Extreme Home Makeover, Queer Eye, Pimp My Ride, Renovate My Family, and others praised the company’s products. Keller was also featured in an MSNBC interview and the “Small Business” edition of Business Week.  ASP has also partnered with and been endorsed by dozens of the most famous social influencers in the industry, for which you can see many of their unique setups on their various social media channels.

Nearly all of the USA’s small and large zoos, museums, and sanctuaries are customers of ASP, including the Museum of Natural History, Busch Gardens, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Shed Aquarium, Sand Diego Zoo, Columbus Zoo, and many many more.  Many philanthropic endeavors have also benefited from donations from the company, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, multiple direct donations to personal tragedy victims, and countless animal rescues all over the country.  

ASP continues to expand its facility each year to keep up with demand. Given their outstanding track record, we’re excited to see what the next 25 years have in store for Adam’s Specialty Products.

For more information about their brands, products, and services, visit You can also contact them through one of their subsidiary’s websites or call them directly at 1-(888)-359-5154.